Class Descriptions

HATHA : (hot) A 26 posture sequence practiced in a heated room with high humidity.  Emphasis is on alignment, stress reduction, healing previous injuries, core strength, burning fat, increasing balance, focus and mental clarity. Detoxify the body with this very specific and effective practice. Great for beginners and the advanced practitioner.

FUSION: (warm) A blend of Hatha postures and Vinyasa Flows practiced in a warm room; heat up your body with more movement and breath. Introductions to Sun Salutations (a.k.a Flows) will be made at the beginning of class. Invigorating and detoxifying all at once. All levels welcome. Get ready to have some fun!

POWER: (warm) Ashtanga methods, Vinyasa, with arm balances and/or inversions are practiced in a warm room. Learn the union of movement and breath, all while increasing your breath capacity, by holding a posture for a specific breath count. All are welcome. Challenge yourself and grow in your yoga practice with Power.

YIN: (non-heated) Relax and release tension in the body and mind while practicing in a cozy 80° room, lit by low candle-light. Most postures are done on the ground. Mindful Meditation techniques will be practiced and shared. If you are looking to gain flexibility, stretch deeply into your body  and would like space to relax your mind, Yin yoga is for you. All levels are welcome.

12pm HATHA : (non-heated) Ideally Hatha yoga is practiced in the heat for better results, but we understand that the heat can seem intimidating at first – and who wants to go back to work really sweaty without time for a shower? This comfortable 80° class is for those who want to ease into a hatha yoga practice or only have time to squeeze in a practice over lunch. All levels are welcome. Good for the beginner who doesn’t enjoy the heat.

ASHTANGA MYSORE : (non-heated)  Mysore, named for the town in India which the Ashtanga Primary Series comes from, is a workshop style open period.  Ashtanga is the oldest sequenced practice.  Used to heal, detoxify, reduce stress & change your life.  Students come in anytime during the 2 hours and are given a guide to learn each posture.  Teachers spend time one on one with students working on alignment and advancement.  Students can stop, ask questions and find confidence in guiding themselves.  Self practice is a great way to begin learning to quiet the mind and focus on breath.       Come take ownership of your own practice.  All levels welcome.